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    Interactive Live Entertainer, Musician, Recording Artist and Composer 
My latest CD "19" is available online, "Click-on-the-Pic" below to take a listen!
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 Performance Calendar Sept 2020

Pls tune in to "JDL Live on Facebook"  Virtual Concerts

Just go to my Johnny Danger-Live Facebook page when specified, thx!

Wed  09-02-2020

6-9pm  Squidlips, Melbourne

Friday 09-03-2020

6pm-9pm, Crowne Plaza Beachside, Melbourne Beach

Sat  09-05-2020

7-10, Kelly's Burgers and Beer, Melbourne


Sun 09-06-2020

5-8pm, Hawksbill Bar, Harbourtown, Merritt Island

Mon 09-07-2020

11-3pm, Heritage Isle, Viera


Friday 09-11-2020

6pm-10pm, The Pineda Inn, Suntree

Sat 09-12-2020

1-5pm, Grills Portside,  Cape Canaveral


Sun 09-13-2020

3-7pm, Grills Riverside,  Melbourne

Wed 09-16-2020

6-10pm, The Island Waterfront Bar, Merritt Island


Thurs 09-17-2020

5-9pm, Grills Portside,  Cape Canaveral


 Friday 09-18-2020

6pm-9pm, Crowne Plaza Beachside, Melbourne Beach


Sat 09-19-2020

1-5pm, Grills Riverside,  Melbourne


Sun 09-20-2020

1-4pm, The Shack, Palm Bay


Thurs 09-24-2020

5-9pm, Grills Riverside,  Melbourne

Friday 09-25-2020

7pm-9pm, Ellie May's, Cocoa Beach

Sat 09-26-2020

6pm-9pm, Elks Lodge, Viera

Sun 09-27-2020

3-7pm MIHS FUNDRAISER FOR THE KIDS, Marker 24 Marina, Merritt Island

Please come out & help fund some events for Merritt Island High 20-21

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